Bailey has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

You can bet your boots that big, beautiful, blue-eyed Bailey will always come skidding in to be first in line for pretty much anything! He brings his bouncy enthusiasm to everything and is easily the designated leader of any fun and mischief! With his bouncy siblings, who he loves very much and who love him right back, there are plenty of opportunities for comical kitten games and adventures, and even bigger cats and dogs and children are among his friends! This cloud-soft cutie loves to talk and can talk his way in or out of most anything! Those sapphire eyes, adorably striped “sleeves” and “pants”, and soft taupe ears and tail, couldn’t be more meezer mix handsome! A big, out-going personality, boundless charm, and stunning good looks will make him a pure delight in a happy and loving forever family! Could lively, lovable Bailey be the darling boy for you?

Littermate:  Bobby Sox