Rosalie has been adopted!

Seal point

Tender-hearted Rosalie gets a blue ribbon for her skills as a young mom. Her kittens were nurtured lovingly and attentively, and she extended that care to several other kittens that were orphaned. All the while she looked utterly magnificent in her long, soft and silky coat. And those stunning glacier blue eyes never missed a thing! Now it’s her well-earned turn to bask in the luxury of great comfort and love and be as adored as her kittens have been in her care. She’s a little shy at first but warms up quickly because she loves attention and has a naturally sociable personality. She may look like a diva, but her appetite is hearty, and her friendliness is generously shared and has extended to other cats and well-behaved, mostly small dogs. Could a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and the biggest, bluest eyes be the beloved addition to your forever circle of love? Dazzling Rosalie is ready and waiting to grace your world!