Kitten 21708 (Mickey) is available for adoption

6 months old

Hollywood-handsome Kitten 21708 Mickey is always ready for his close-up in a tailored suit of dramatic stripes and vibrant eyes! It’s a good thing it’s as easy-care as he is, because this great little guy loves to go go go whether it’s racing, chasing, bouncing, or pouncing! He’s adventurous and brave with an outgoing and friendly personality with everyone! In his foster home he has gotten along well with other kittens and bigger cats. When it’s time to relax, he loves to have his fuzzy wuzzy belly rubbed and will sleep on your chest or anywhere available! He’s super fun-loving, affectionate, companionable, and very photogenic, and will be a perfect boy in a great forever home. Terrific Mickey hopes he’s the irresistible treat for you!

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