Sushi has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seal PT

Heeeeeeere's Sushi and he has something to say about everything! This talkative Siamix boy, is smart, energetic and likes to be with people. Not so much a lap sitter, but he will lie down beside you or sit next to you while you are working, purring all the while. Paper bags and cardboard boxes will keep him entertained for hours, along with springs and cable ties. He is smart, curious and very quick--if it opens, he must go in. Sushi was the first kitten to figure out the cat flap and he knows where the kitten crunchies are stored. Those bright blue eyes and big brown ears don't miss much. Sushi and his brother Sake spend time grooming each other and they get along well with the bigger, older cats in their foster home. Sushi would make a purrfect addition to your family.  This pair of kittens can be a little shy to start with but warm up with a little love and time.

Littermates:  Cindy, Mindy, Sake