Cat 21734 is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
6 months old

Meet cuddly little Kitten 21734 who’s always dressed to impress in his handsome, silky tuxedo with one white arm perfectly accessorized by his impressive set of bright white whiskers, snowy bib, and velvet shoes! Handsome as this  little fellow is, it’s his gentle spirit and very accommodating personality that will endear him to a sweet forever family. He’s always great company, loves to be snuggled, and can’t resist a welcoming lap! Every kind of toy is his favorite, even empty boxes and crunchy packing paper! Whether it’s playtime of snuggle time this darling boy is the perfect, light-hearted, gentle-spirited companion! Could cute and cuddly Kitten 21734 be the classic lovebug for you? He is a little shy at fist but warms up to people fast!


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