Cat 21736

Black Classic

If you have cuddles and snuggles and kisses to spare, darling Kitten 21736 would love to meet you! She is the sweetest kitten you'll meet! She wants to be the first one to get all the cuddles, loves being picked up and sitting on your lap! She is always close waiting for affection.  A few fun toys would also be delightful, since this classic little doll adores playtimes! She and her playmates bounce and pounce and romp their way through an endless string of happy games and little adventures. This lively and affectionate sweetheart brings her enthusiastic energy and good nature to all the kitten antics and also to every opportunity to eat! She also gets along great with the bigger cats and is friendly to everyone she meets. She’s a classic beauty in her soft and luxurious coat of dark stripes. With an absolutely irresistible, tabby-perfect face! Could this most darling girl be the precious new girl for you?


Me & my friends!