Cat 21737 (Winnie) has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Are you the perfect choice to win Winnie’s sweet heart? What a funny little doll she is and certainly not a good choice for anyone who is impatient, noisy, and doesn’t have any playthings or canned food. But if you make a bit of effort to woo her, this darling, who was a very shy kitten, will purr her lovely purr even more as she sits a few flirtatious feet away and coyly squeezes her eyes closed at you. And if you offer her a little canned food, she forgets she’s shy and will come and sit right in your lap to eat it! She also has a lively side thanks to four high-spirited siblings, so this sweetie knows how to hoot it up! Those beautiful black “ drapes” on her darling face are drawn back perfectly to reveal her satiny rosy pink nose. And in the loving hands of a gentle, patient human with a jingle-bell ball and tasty canned food, this precious purrbug will reveal all of her twinkling charm and capacity for devotion. Could lovable Winnie be the little wonder for you?