Becca has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Becca is a beautiful girl with big blue eyes.  She is one of five siblings found living outdoors with their feral mom.  These poor kitties had a very rough and wild start to life and will need families with an abundance of patience and kindness and a willingness to work with the kitten(s) until they feel safe and secure. The kitten(s) may hide until comfortable in a new environment. But once they are comfortable they will seek out attention from their person. They will even come rub against you to look for pets and head scratches. If you are reaching to pet another kitty they will be right there to bonk your head too, so you don't forget to give them love as well. These kittens have come a long way from where they started. They are okay with other cats and have not been exposed to dogs.  A home without young children is best.  These kittens are waiting for a person with a  very patient and kind heart who is willing to put in a bit of effort to give them a loving and safe forever home.

Littermates:  Bailey, Brewster, Bruno, romero