Kitten 21812 (Spunky) is available for adoption

Brown w/ White
5 months old

Meet Kitten 21812, aka Spunky the kitten with the dynamite personality.  Spunky is as happy-spirited as she is loving! If there’s an opportunity to play with her sweet friends, she’ll bring her big enthusiasm for a good time with any toy, even empty boxes or crunchy packing paper! When this doll catches sight of you, you’ll be instantly rewarded with her sweet purr, and when she gets sleepy she’ll hope she can snuggle up for the affection that she most loves! She’s irresistibly silky and fuzzy wuzzy and is ready to prance on her little velvet tootsies straight into the circle of your love! Precious Spunky hopes she’s the happy little lovebug you’ve been waiting for!

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