Kitten 21814 (Lenny)

Maine Coon Mix
Smokey Black

Kitten 21814 is the fuzzy wuzziest of her sweet and lively little pride! With her high-spirited siblings, the happy kitten games, adventures, and explorations never get old, and are often joined by the other foster kittens waiting to be adopted! She loves her people and all the new toys. Her rumbly purr is shared generously, and being held and petted and loved on is her most favorite thing! At bedtime this affectionate little gal can often be found dozing off on a warm cozy bed! Her sleek coat of silky floofiness will need regular brushing and is accessorized by a sugar-white smile, bright highlights around his beautiful eyes, and impressive ear tufts! Sweet Kitten 21814 hopes she’s everything you’re seeking for your loving forever circle!