Creamsicle has been adopted!


irresistible Creamsicle is a fuzzy wuzzy, cuddly, face-patting, soft orange and cream purrasaurus gem! His foster mom reports that he “is just such a sweet baby. He is gentle and likes to pat at faces when you try to kiss him. He is quick to speak up when his hearty appetite says it’s time to eat, and has a super purr that starts as soon as he is picked up, and the purring will continue until the cuddle session ends. He just loves to be held and babied”. This very classic little tabbyman (who is sure to be a very handsome big tabbyman someday!) has built-in playmates with his two happy siblings, but he also is good with other cats and with kids. He hasn’t met any dogs. Cuddlebug Creamsicle can’t wait to be a beloved boy in a loving and hands-on forever family!

Littermate:  Rocky