Kitten 21835

Ragdoll Mix
Snow Shoe

Meet beautiful Kitten 21835 who can’t resist a toy with feathers! She loves her darling siblings, and her new roommates. Lively playtimes and kitten adventures, and even empty boxes keep things hopping, and when they come in for a landing you’ll find them conked out side by side! This little doll resembles her brother, Kitten 21834, with stunning sky blue eyes, dark-edged brown velvet ears, ivory bib and ballet slippers, and a Hollywood starlet face of perfection! Such a darling will be a special jewel in a home that will treasure her out-going, adventurous, and affectionate spirit! Kitten 21835 would love to be your new sweetie!

Littermates:  Kitten 21834, Kitten 21836*