Latte has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx Point

Cute Chloe and lovable Latte began their lives in a rural field. They were discovered, rescued, and went into foster care where they enjoyed playing, pouncing and skittering up and down hallways after toys. When they were taken to be spayed, they were tested for feline leukemia and were positive ~ which came as a surprise as they have been healthy appearing. The Cat House on the Kings is looking for a loving home for this pair of sweet girls ~ either an outright adopter or as committed long term fosters. Because cats with FeLv can need extra vet care, the Cat House on the Kings is willing to continue to pay for their ongoing vet care with our local vet whether these girls are adopted or long-term fostered. Please consider bringing these precious sisters into your home and showering them with love!

*** This pair should be adopted together. They are listed as Special Needs because they are FeLv+. The Cat House on the Kings is prepared to cover costs at our local vet for future medical needs for this pair.

Littermates:  Apollo, Chloe, Persephone
Buddy: Chloe