Kitten 21865 ( Wendy) is available for adoption

5 months old

Beautiful calico kitten 21865 looks like a leading gal in the making! She’s all fun-loving kitten when she encounters any kind of toy or when there’s a playtime underway with her playmates! This darling girl also brings ample enthusiasm to every dining opportunity! She’s shy until she knows you’re nice, this gal comes out of her shell more every day. She would need a patient family that understands flowers may take a while to bloom. She hasn’t been around bigger cats, dogs, or children, but this pretty girl shows every promise of being a sweet, lovable addition in a home that will cherish her gentle, undemanding personality. Could Kitten 21865 find her sweet forever family in the security and affection of your loving home?

Littermate:  Kitten 21866

Please note:

  • Kitten 21865 ( Wendy) is shy and needs a quiet home
Pictured with litter mate # 21865
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