Cat 21866

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Cat 21866 is a purrfectly darling double classic, with a very handsome dark orange tabby-striped and white chested boy! He has many sweet gifts including the most epic purr that he generously shares quickly and loudly! With his fun-loving brothers and sisters, playtimes are full of lively hijinks, and funny adventures are never ending! This sweetheart can be found squarely in the middle of whatever romps, races, and wrestling matches they all dream up! As much as he likes to have fun, he’s deeply affectionate and always hopes you find time for the cuddles and lap time he loves so much! What a joyful purrbug he is sure to be in a forever home where he will be a beloved boy! Could precious Kitten 21866 be the happy, loving tabbysaurus treasure for you?