Maggie has been adopted!


As the sister of three spunky brothers, it’s no surprise marvelous Maggie knows how to rock ‘n’ roll when playtime is in full swing, then relax and lounge and just hang out happily to rest up for the next romp or race. Whether this beauty is hooting it up or snuggling in she is gorgeously attired in her couture tortoiseshell coat of ivory and gold splashes on dramatic black. Dabs of ivory are sprinkled from her big, beautiful eyes to her satin nose, to her speckly toes, and will make her a standout in any crowd of gorgeous girls! She’s as sweet and friendly and affectionate as she is uniquely beautiful. Every playtime is made more fun when she jumps in, and it’s no wonder her brothers love her! She’s an enthusiastic diner and is also good with older cats and kittens and small dogs, but has not been around children. A friendly, out-going, and affectionate personality make her a darling doll who is so easy to enjoy! Could delightful Maggie be the loving little jewel in your circle of forever love?

Littermate:  Roman