Meet beautiful, loving Rainbow who gets along with other kittens and adult cats, but whose heart belongs to her sweet brother Sunshine. Of course you can’t have a rainbow without sunshine, so she’s dreaming of a home where they will light up each day together!! A fluffy bed, chasing the laser’s red dot, and expertly climbing the cat tree (especially if Sunshine is up there with his fish!), cozying up to you for ear scratches and cheek tickles, and hanging out with her brother, are this darling doll’s most favorite things! She hasn’t met any dogs or small children, but she has done well around adult cats. Her classic calico colors highlight a cloud-white, easy-care coat, and her irresistibly sweet face is brushed with gold dust around the biggest, prettiest eyes and a precious freckled nose! Such a sweetheart full of affection, gentle fun, and devotion to her brother is sure to be a cherished treasure in an adoring forever home. Rainbow is ready to bring love, light, and sweet wonder to your welcoming world. Could you make room for two?