Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Meet sweet orange and white creamsicle kitten, Sunshine, who brings his sunny spirit to everything! This happy boy is deeply bonded to his darling cali sister, Rainbow, and really has his velvety paws crossed wishing for a forever home where they can stay together. High-spirited playtimes are among his favorite things, and he’s especially attached to his little cloth fish toy that he proudly carries in his mouth to the top of the cat tree! If there’s something to bat and chase, he’s full of bounce and pounce! If the sneaky red laser dot comes out to play, he’ll be right there to greet it! This sweetie also gets along well with other kittens and adult cats, but hasn’t met any dogs or small children. He’s a handsome little hunk in his easy-care coat that’s cloud-white on the underside and sunny orange on the topside with big, loving eyes and an adorable smile that’s as irresistible as they come! Could lively, lovable Sunshine be your forever sweetheart? Does your heart and home have room for a double delight? There are few things as wondrous as rainbows and the sunshine that makes them!