Cat 21903 is a sanctuary resident.

Siamese Mix
Flame Point
9 months old

CAt 21903 is  fuzzy wuzzy guy with gorgeous blue eyes to match his coat! Every game and toy is a joy to this adventurous cutie pie who always has a kind and gentle spirit. He arrived to us with an injured leg, but after some needed TLC and vet visits, he's good to go. This guy loves to play with all the other cats in our adoption room, he gets along great with other cats. Enthusiasm for everything is a great talent of his, which includes his love of wet food. He is a bit reserved until he is comfortable with you. We are sure he is going to blossom into the sweet love bug we seen he can be.  What a delight this sweet boy will be a great forever home of his own. Cat 21903 would love to be the lifelong treat in your life!