Kitten 21924 has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Flame PT

Kitten 21924 is so handsome he could easily be a calendar guy! But fun is his favorite thing and easy to find since his darling siblings can’t imagine a energetic game or lively adventure without him! When they play it’s altogether! When they eat it’s as an enthusiastic party of fuzzy wuzzy diners! When they are separated they all turn into crybabies, but the cutest crybabies you’ll ever see! This gorgeous guy especially loves fuzzy blankets, empty boxes, chicken and sometimes liver foods. With his stunning glacier blue eyes, dense and luxurious coat, and absolutely perfect face, he is a true blue-ribbon boy, full of bounce and pounce and sweet friendliness and affection. Adorable Kitten 21924 would love to be the fuzzy treasure in your welcoming forever home.

Littermates:  Cat 21925, Kitten 21923