Kitten 21949 (Monica) is available for adoption

6 months old

Silky soft fluffbug Monica is super affectionate, loves to be held, and brings sweetness to every day! She is very soft like a bunny, but somehow she collected a delicate splash of brown and orange on her fuzzy wuzzy body, and the most elegant, long, floofy tail! Bouncing, pouncing, romping, and racing keep her on her velvet toes with her darling sister, Racheal and other kittens, cats, and a small dog have also been this sweetie pie’s friends! She is sure to be a great beauty, but it’s her loving personality that will endear her to a forever home as sweet as she is! Precious Monica would love to be your cherished treasure! We would love to see Monica and Racheal adopted together!


Littermate:  Kitten 21948 (Rachael)
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