Hugo is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

13 weeks old

Happy-go-lucky Hugo has a great personality equal to his high-spirited playfulness! Batting around anything that rolls or climbing athletically to the top of the cat tree show off his spunk and agility and all-around good nature. He’s a friendly guy who plays very well with other kittens but is also independent enough to easily entertain himself. Huge, beautiful eyes and an extremely photogenic face make him a truly handsome little hunk who will have quite a big boy presence when he’s grown. A smooth coat of silky softness and subtle stripes make his look distinguished, easy-care, and cuddly. If a wonderfully companionable boy with classic good looks and a dandy disposition sounds like a great addition for your forever home, Hugo hopes he’s the happy hunkster for you!

Littermates:  Angel, Ari, Gizmo, Mia, Princess
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