Maine Coon Mix

Meet Potato, the Mr. Personality of his bunch! He can carry on a conversation with anyone and is so out-going, curious, and sweet that he may choose to ride on your shoulders for a great view or snuggle up cozily in a welcoming lap for the best napping position! If there’s an adventuring or exploration being cooked up, he’s usually the one leading the pack, and every opportunity to hoot it up in happy playtimes with his brother and sister keeps the fun rolling. This good-natured little guy also does well with other cats and with children. While his purrsonality is built for action and affection in equal measure, he’s handsomely dressed for the most formal occasions in a soft buff-colored suit of extra long and silky fluff. An impish smile on his darling fuzzy face makes this sweetie purrty irresistible! A non-stop purr is his extra sparkle of charm! He couldn’t be more adorable or easy to love and will be a delightful addition in a forever home that cherishes him. This purrfect Potato hopes you choose him!

Littermate:  Rosemary