Simon has been adopted!

Brown with white

This is spunky, spirited Simon, a happy-go-lucky lap cat with a big zest for life! What a playful, curious cutie he is, sure to be a tabbyman treasure in a great forever family. He’s always happy to see you and turns on the purr motor as soon as you come into view! He’s usually too occupied with playing to be held very long, but he’ll keep you entertained with all the antics he and his siblings cook up! No toy escapes his undivided attention, and plenty of kitten games and explorations keep him bouncing around on his bright white feet! When he tires out he loves to have his backside scratched, and may decide to curl up in your lap if a cozy nap is in order. This friendly, out-going guy has also been fine around a large senior dog. His classic good looks are as easy-care as he is, from his bright white shirt front to his adorable picture-perfect face! Such a happy, handsome, wonderful boy is sure to be a great addition in a forever family looking for a purrasaurus treasure. Simon says, “Choose me!”

Littermates:  Cleo, Spicy