Kitten 22010

Siamese Mix
Flame Point

Kitten 22010 is the most precious of kittens, full of cuddly sweetness with a very calm and quiet personality. She loves her new firends and their playtimes are full of bouncing and pouncing and enthusiasm for every opportunity for fun! She loves her people too and will follow you throughout the adoption room in the hopes that you will eventually sit down and scoop her into your lap to pet her and and listen to her lovely purr. A good head rub and ear scratches are high on her list of favorite things! Her voice is cute as a little squeaky toy, perfect for this darling doll! Her coat is cloud-soft and silky, with red tips, and accessorized with a long, satiny firey tail. Her big, beautiful eyes are a deep, sky blue, and her precious little velvety nose has a sprinkling of sweet freckles. With her loving heart, happy spirit, and head-to-toe beauty, she is sure to be a precious girl in a home that will cherish her. Adorable Kitten 22010 hopes you choose her! Two darling sisters would be double the love and delight!