Nala has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

This is beautiful and sweet Nala.  She is part of a gang of five sibling kittens - three Siamese mix and two sleek, black furred babies.  All five members of this kitten family are absolutely perfect!  They are very active, curious, adventurous, acrobatic and oh so playful.  Nala and her siblings are all super affectionate.  They love snuggle time with their foster parents and have big purr motors that rumble along with their contentment.  When not bouncing, pouncing and chasing each other around the house, they can often be found curled up next to or on the lap or chest of their foster parents.  These kittens play well together and have no problem interacting with the adult cats in the home.  They are not shy at all and enjoy being involved and helpful.  They have not been exposed to dogs or children.  All of the kittens in this litter are truly delightful and would be purrfect for anyone looking for very well-adjusted and happy kittens.

Littermates:  Ava, Baloo, Romeo, Tigger