Cat 22025


Meet the cutest orange tabby Cat 22025 whose beautiful suit of soft stripes, impressively big ears, and irresistible wide-eyed gaze is sure to melt your heart! He’s a total sweetheart who will cheerfully follow you around, shares his rumbly purr when you scoop him up, and will sleep cuddled with you every chance he gets! With his lively playmates, he has spent lots of fun play times romping and racing, and especially loves to explore every little nook and cranny, even if they’ve been explored many times before! If there are meals or treats being offered, he’ll be right on time! This fuzzy wuzzy sweetie enjoys everyone and has an easy-going nature that has also extended to bigger cats. Adorable Cat 22025 hopes he’s has the perfect loving and lively purrsonality to be your beloved new boy!