Adira has been adopted!


Adorable Adira had a rough start and was the smallest next to her brothers. But she’s caught up impressively, and now that she has...WATCH OUT WORLD! She’s brimming with love and a zest for life, all in a beautiful, softy striped calico ensemble! When she’s in play play play mode, snuggling is the last thing on her mind, and it’s a joy watching this delightful girl play and explore! Her sibs are her partners in every playtime, and she has been very tolerant of a pushy, medium-sized dog and a pushy, medium-sized 5 year old! The older cats in her foster home aren’t amused by kitten antics, but she would probably do well with friendlier ones. When she’s ready to rest she’ll let you know it’s cuddle time, and she’ll cozy up or make excellent “biscuits” on your shoulders accompanied by her lovely purr’s sweetest tune. Her bunny-soft, dense coat is a calico classic kaleidoscope of colors accented by bright white feet, with the cutest mismatched front legs, an adorable half black half pink nose, and a sweet, sugar-dusted smile. She’s precious from head to toe to the tip of her pretty, ringed tail and will be a joyful addition in a wonderful, loving, forever family. Could irresistible Adira be the dear new darling for you?

Littermates:  Charlie, Dash