Dash has been adopted!


High octane Dash truly lives up to his name! He’s rowdy and raucous and utterly irresistible! He’ll always slow down if you scoop him up for chin and ear scratches, and cuddles may be in his future, but for now every crack and crevice must be explored, and all toys must be given regular workouts! Just zipping from here to there makes this exuberant boy happy! He was the last of his batch to purr but the first to let his foster home’s 5 year old haul him around the house. And at first he didn’t like the dog, and would make that clear, but now they play when he thinks no one is looking. He has to keep up his “tough guy” rep after-all! He wouldn’t be likely to give much thought to his appearance, so we won’t tell him he’s one handsome little dude in his very classic coat of dramatic black tabbyman stripes, and sporting four bright white gym shoes, the only choice for such a bouncy boisterous boy! All he needs for a great future is a variety of little toys, love with head scratches, and maybe a partner in crime to keep him plenty entertained! Could this dandy dazzler named Dash be the great new addition in your welcoming forever family?

Littermates:  Adira, Charlie