Charlie has been adopted!


Cool, calm, and charming - that’s Sweet Charlie Boy! Compared to his two siblings this cutie doesn’t create as much ruckus but never misses any chance to be part of the rough-and-tumble! He’s never met a toy he doesn’t like, including his siblings who are always fun to pounce on! A big curiosity has him interested in and exploring everything, and he’s pretty good about entertaining himself! He’s very good-natured and has done well with with his foster home’s pushy medium-sized dog and the 5 year old who likes to carry him everywhere. This purrasaurus sweetheart has a motor that can rumble for hours and is a sucker for face and back scratches. Once he trusts you he will lay on his back in your arms with his fuzzy wuzzy belly exposed. He also likes to rub his adorable face along your nose and ears. With classically handsome brown tabby attire, he’s always dressed for whatever his day brings, and white-tipped toes, symmetrical tabby markings, and a cutiepie kissy face make him a darling dude! He has the purrfect ingredients for an awesome addition to a loving forever family - a great spirit of fun and a heart made for affection! Charlie hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Adira, Dash