Sweety Belle


My name is Sweety Belle, and I’m the only long-legged calico classic cutie among my sisters and brother! But that’s not my only claim to fame! My great purr is world class and so is my ability as a conversationalist. Any topics are fine with me as long as I can enthusiastically voice an opinion! With my four siblings playtimes are plentiful, and I romp and race happily, but my real talent is in the lovebug department. Hold me like a baby and I’ll purr contentedly and fall fast asleep, and getting to snuggle with you at night is my idea of the purrfect end to any day! I love being loved on any time, and head rubs, back rubs, and belly rubs are at the top of my list of very favorite things! Food is pretty high up there too, so food is a great motivator for me, and I’ve been known to even help myself to tasty items left unsupervised! I like every cat I meet, and would be phenomenal with kids since I like to be picked up any old way, but I am terrified of dogs. My foster mom says I’m “a very loving and beautiful little treasure” in my one-of-a-kind cali girl coat of cottony white and inky black, with sweeps of rich gold gilt highlights. I’m Sweety Belle, and I’d adore being the new joy in your circle of forever love!

Littermates:  Dusty Rose, Gemini, Tylee