My name is Belmont, and my foster family says I am the sweetest lovebug and the most beautiful boy you have ever seen! I love any and all attention that you can give me and particularly enjoy having my very handsome tabbyman face rubbed gently until I fall asleep. Feel free to hold me any way that you want, as I love it all! I really enjoy being cradled like a baby, and will often roll over to expose my soft, fluffy belly for pets. I am such a happy, playful little boy and will chase and attack all my toys, but keep an eye on me because my curiosity can get me into kitten mischief every now and then! My suit of dark dramatic stripes next to bright white is extra silky but still easy-care, and my dark toe beans and big white smile are extra special! I would be fantastic with kids, and love other cats, but dogs scare me - a lot! I hope I am the perfect guy for your loving forever family. I’m Belmont and sure do hope to see you soon!

Littermates:  Dusty Rose, Gemini, Tylee