Cat 22097 (Honey) is available for adoption

9 months old

This adorable sweet girl came to us as a kitten about 3 months old.  She was definitely a special gal with a unique situation.  She had no other siblings nor a mom.  The folks who found her had no idea how she came into their yard.  We made room for her at The Cat House and after taking a closer look, we discovered she had some eye deformities and an injured leg.    We had to allow her to grow before she could receive her eye surgeries, but she's all good now.  After visiting the vet a few times, she's been cleared and available for adoption. She manages just fine with one eye.

If you have the opportunity to handle this gal, you'll instantly fall in love with her!  She wants nothing more than to be on your shoulder or lap.  We're not exaggerating when we say she's ALL PURRS!  Honey is ready to go home with you.

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