Kitten 22146 (Smokey)

Domestic Short Hair
Black Smokey

Smokey black Kitten 22146 is as Hollywood-handsome as he is full of playful energy with his energetic playmates! Romps and races, funny kitten adventures and snoopy explorations bring lots of bouncing and pouncing fun to every day! If he can chase it, swat it, or make it fly, this happy guy will give it a try! He loves attention and relaxes luxuriously when you hold him and turns on his big, bold purr to express his equally big appreciation. This gorgeous little guy’s silky coat of black and white undertones is unique and adds to his cuteness! With his big, soulful eyes and velvety black nose, this darling boy is a gem from nose, toes to tail with a sweet heart and happy disposition. He will be an adored addition in a home that will cherish him. Kitten 22146 hopes he’s the purrfect boy for you!


Littermate:  Cat 22145 (Craig)
This my angy face
Me & my brother