Kitten 22147 (Spencer)


Don’t tell Spencer that we know about his blankie! Lively adventures and brave explorations are, according to him, at the top of his list of favs! New toys and new experiences get his undivided attention, and in playtimes with his adorable siblings, he’s the last one to wind down and conk out! But when that rest time comes, he’s all lovebug, purring like a little motorboat, and that’s when he loves to cuddle in his special favorite blanket and dream about his next adventure! This handsome little guy is as classic as it gets in his stripey brown, silky soft and luxurious suit, with a beautiful face, expertly highlighted eyes, and a big, white smile! Such a happy-spirited boy, who loves a good snuggle, is sure to be an affectionate delight in a loving forever family. Darling Spencer hopes he’s the sweet boy for you!