Cat 22155 (Raspushia) is available for adoption

1 year old

Meet spritely, light-hearted little Raspushia who can brighten any day and find enjoyment in the smallest thing. She has an air of independence that may have her wandering off to find her own little adventure, though romps and funny explorations with her cutie pie playmates make any opportunity to play a top priority! She’s a sweetie who’s also been good with kids and other cats. Don’t be surprised if this perky little doll climbs in your lap when you least expect it, and cheerfully switches back to her busy agenda once she’s had her cozy cuddle! She’s a photogenic sweetheart too, with the biggest velvet ears, whitest bib and mitts, and most elegant dark striped sleeves of any classic tabby girlie! What an easy-going delight she will be in a forever home where she will be cherished. Irresistible Raspushia hopes she the perfect jewel for you!


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