Cat 22196


 She’s as loving as she is lively, and her name is Kitten 22196 (Firefox)! A vibrant red coat sets her apart from her siblings, but when it comes to romping, racing, wrestling, and having a spirited good time, this little gem really holds her own! A spunky personality and gentle nature make her the best of playmate and a favorite among her siblings! And her friends have other cats and rolling objects. As much as this cutie loves a good time, she'll insist in snuggle time when playtime is over! That’s when snuggles and head scratches and cozy naps with her people become top priority! Her coat is soft with firey stripes and contrasts, making her a uniquely beautiful little girl. Precious Firefox would love to bring her playful, affectionate sweetness to a loving family who will cherish her. How about yours?!