Churchill has been adopted!

Grey Front L foot tan

Silky and silvery ChurchHill is a pure darling designed for cuddles and love. This sweetheart’s favorite place is in a warm and welcoming lap, the perfect spot for observing her siblings’ kitten chaos while being petted and snuggled as she hums along with her lovely, steady purr. She’s a little treasure as beautiful as she is loving, in her floofy coat of soft, silken, classic pale gray and lux ivory, with adorable “lights” accentuating her eyes and perky smile! One cream colored velvet front paw is an additional touch of adorableness! She has been a favorite in her foster family where she has gotten along with kittens, bigger cats, and kids, and has been indifferent about the dog. Precious ChurchHill hopes to soon be the cherished girl in a forever family as sweet as she is! How about yours?

Littermates:  Ash, Cinder, Mickey, Mitzi