Cat 22239 (Bitsy)

Maine Coon Mix

Never underestimate itty bitty mighty Kitten 22239 aka Bitsy! All five of her very spirited, cutiepie siblings would vote her Most Formidable! She’s full of spunk and fun whether she’s charging into the middle of a free-for-all or being held cuddled safely next to your chest - one of this sweet fluffbug’s favorite things! In her always stylish black and white ensemble, with her perfectly marked little face, she is a doll who is sure to be a stunning grown-up girl someday! This darling is full of affection and happiness and is sure to bring an extra measure of light-heartedness and love to a wonderful family that will adore her. Could precious Bitsy be the bold little lovebug to fill your heart and home?


My baby picture