Kitten 22242

20 weeks old

Fuzzy wuzzy wonderful Kitten 22242 has been a pure delight in the adoption center. She's  full of fun, friendliness, and affection! This darling has a big curiosity and a quirky sense of play that puts an extra happy spin on every toy, frolic, and kitten game! She loves to watch the world outside through the windows, can get up to a bit of mischief fishing in the water bowl, and has gotten along well with other cats and people! Being carried around, scooped up for cuddles, and petted and pampered are also high on this sweetheart’s list of favorite things! Her gorgeous one-of-kind patchwork coat of extra long and silky dramatic black, gold, and bright white is extraordinary. She will appreciate having it regularly brushed. Such a delightfully fun-loving and affectionate little beauty will be a joy in a forever family that will cherish her. Bouncing lovebug Kitten 22242 would adore being your perfect jewel!

Littermate:  Kitten 22245 (Oliver)