Kitten 22243 (Sasha)

20 weeks old

Sweet, sociable Kitten 22243 aka Sasha is a little work of art in her gorgeous ensemble of warm golds, polished onyx, and cloud white. And her big, beautiful eyes are luminous and soulful and designed to melt your heart! Her graceful body has the grace of a tiny ballerina as she leaps and chases the string and feather toys that she loves.  She has gotten along well with roommates, other adoptable kittens. Belly rubs and being petted and loved on, especially when she’s laying down, bring out her irresistible loving nature. She’s a people lover, full of fun and charm, and will be a darling addition in a forever home as great as she is. Precious Sasha would love to be your cherished girl!

Littermate:  Kitten 22245 (Oliver)