Kitten 22244 is available for adoption

13 weeks old

It’s no surprise precious Kitten 22244 is a great favorite in the adoption center! Her caretakers report, she is the sweetest girl and loves to play peek-a-boo in boxes and enjoys a variety of simple toys. She has gotten along with other cats and she plays gently and is happy with simple things, it’s surprising that she can run with impressive speed if she’s chasing a rolling jinglebell ball or racing across the room! She’s also “very much a cuddlebug with an affectionate personality and should fit in well in many types of homes”. This sweetheart’s one-of-a-kind face is a showstopper, with densely fuzzy cheeks, dramatic black “eyeliner”, and a petal pink satin nose and little smile! She’s a irresistibly darling girl who deserves a forever home as sweet as she is. Could this cuddlebug calico be the beloved new treasure for you?

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