Orlando has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Oh those shadow stripes! It is hard to capture the magic of Orlando’s unique coat in a picture, especially since he tends to get goofy when the camera is out! He is a classic ebony with gorgeous, silky smoke rings around his neck and legs and the most beautiful light jade green eyes. He’s a picture-perfect standout in the crowd which isn’t easy when you’re one of nine (yep!) in your litter, and everyone’s name starts with O! O my! This easy-going guy is a great balance of fun and affection, happy to roll around and snuggle with his siblings, but also eager to engage with people. He has been fostered with bigger cats and with dogs too. This sweetheart is sure to be a darling addition in a secure and loving forever family that cherishes him. Could Orlando be the treasure for you?

Littermates:  Octavia, Ofelia, Olaf, Olivia, Ona, Otis, Owen, Ozzy