Cat 22326 (Oliver)

Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
Orange w/white

Tabby-wonderful Kitten 22326 also know as Oliver is the most classic of kitties in his dense and silky suit of handsome red stripes, white toesies, striking tabby forehead “M”, and bright white eyelined eyes, smile, and chest medallion! But as great looking as this little guy is, it’s his sweet, happy, loving personality that will make him a pure joy in a loving forever family! He adores being held and petted and talked to, and is attentive to everything his people are doing! With his cute and spunky brothers, playtimes are frequent and always full of fun and frolic, and he has also been great with bigger cats! His big velvety ears don’t miss a thing and neither do his bright, intelligent, soulful eyes! This darling boy is happy, handsome, loyal, and deeply loving and will be a gem in a forever family as sweet as he is! Could tabbysaurus Oliver be your precious new treasure?

Littermates:  Cat 22325 (Chester), Cat 22327