BobbiDi has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Meet darling Bobbi-Di, a fun-loving, cuddlebug sweetheart in a purrfectly gorgeous package! Her beauty is undeniable, from her big, baby blue eyes to her twinkly white toes, and bunny softness all in between! But her playfulness and people-loving affection are equally awesome! When she comes in for a landing from the romps she loves and the toys she never tires of, she will be ready to snuggle in to share her sweet head bonks and lovely steady purr! She’ll be interested in whatever you are doing and can always find something to explore or pounce on! This doll has also gotten along with other kittens, bigger cats, and a well-behaved dog. With her sugar-dipped smile, loving gazes, and great happy spirit, she never fails to win every heart! What a joy she will be in a forever home as sweet as she is. Could precious Bobbi-Di be your darling delight?

Littermates:  Anastasia, Boo