Kitten 22337 (Erica) is available for adoption

Black & White
15 weeks old

You don’t need to be a mind reader when you’re with lovable little Erica! She is definitely Miss Personality and will let you know what she wants by telling you clearly in her sweet little voice or by softly nibbling your toes until she conveys her wishes! She is definitely the leader of the pack in the playtimes with her cutiepie siblings who look to her to be everything good about a bossy big sister! In her perfect dark-striped ensemble, complete with a beautiful tabby forehead “M” and pearly white toes and white dash on her back, she is a true tabby girl beauty! When it’s time to relax this sweetheart loves to snuggle into a warm lap for a nice cozy nap after a good ear and tail scratch! She is just a precious ball of cuteness from her perky perfect ears to her sugary smile to the little white tip of her long silky tail! Tabby girls are known for being the best, most adoring and adorable little home management experts! Precious Erica would love to be yours!

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