Kitten 22338 has been adopted!

Brown & White strip on back

Hollywood-handsome Kitten 22338 is the chunkasaurus lovebug among his trio of gorgeous, bouncing littermates! Being the center of any affectionate attention is his main goal in life, and he is famous for loving to rub his face and fuzzy wuzzy body all over you! Playtimes with his friends put the fun and games in every day, and you’ll find him in the middle of any romp, exploration, or comical adventure. But he’s the most laidback of the bunch and likes lounging as much as the hijinks. He also gets along with the other cats and he's been around a small puppy. He has a striking spot on his face, making him extra special. All he wants is to be in a forever home where he is loved on and gets to light up every day with his sweet, mellow manners and soft approach to life. Marvelous Kitten 22338 hopes he the perfect guy to make your world sweeter!