Cinnamon has been adopted!


This beautiful Tortie is called Cinnamon.  She is part of a wonderful litter of kittens that are all extremely sweet and loveable.  They are a playful bunch who especially enjoy climbing to new heights on their cat tower, bouncing and pouncing through their cat tunnel, chasing balls, toys and each other!  When it is time to slow down, they are all instant love bugs that want to be held and loved.  They will show their contentment with sweet snuggles and purrs!   They have not been exposed to dogs or children.  Cinnamon and her siblings are very happy and well adjusted kittens.  They are also very bonded together so if you are looking for a pair of kittens, two from this litter would be purrfect!   Cinnamon and her siblings are very excited to join a forever family now!

Littermates:  Honey, Nutmeg, Posey, Sage