Cat 22359 (Sarabi) has been adopted!


Darling Sarabi is a beauty of a classic black tabby girl, with dramatic dark stripes and the most perfect tabby forehead “M”! With her fun-loving favorite brother Simba, she romps and races and seems to never tire of also playing other fostermates and also discovering the ! Bigger cats and the dogs are also her friends! Like her sisters, the only time she gets a little shy is when she’s separated from them, so it would be especially wonderful if she were adopted with one of them. Double the fun and love! She has a super sweet disposition and enjoys being cuddled, but fun usually comes first! When it’s time to sleep you’ll find her curled up next to her best-friend/brother Simba. What an affectionate and lively pair these two will  make in your loving home.  Could that home be yours?!