Kitten 22362 (Shadow) is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
14 weeks old

Irresistible Shadow always looks a little bit surprised! That’s pretty cute for a darling gal who finds fun and adventure in everything and always greets the world with her big, happy heart! She’s one of three joyful little jumping beans that romp and stomp through endless kitten games and explorations and can always be counted on to keep things hopping. Sweet, soft Shadow is raven-black,  with those expressive bright eyes and an athlete’s agile body, who is sure to one day be a very impressive, sleek and polished housepanther gal! Head boops and pouncing on anything that moves are just two of his sweet moves, and cozying up with you after playtime is a highlight of his day! She also has gotten along well with bigger cats. Every home needs a perfect touch of black to give it great style. How about this perfect charmer named Shadow to light up your great forever home?

When I first arrived
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